Jig and apparatus engineering

Does not a standard test fit to your component? - Then talk to our specialists.

GWP develops new reproducible test methods for you. We build the corresponding equipment ourselves in our workshops. For this reason, we can develop new methods quickly and cost-effectively in cooperation with our customers. For example, we manufacture test chambers for electronic components in aggressive atmospheres, test rigs for spray tests, test reactors for gas reduction, combustion chambers, drop tests and much more.

Measuring equipment

Exact recordings for the most diverse parts are required for various tests. For this purpose, GWP manufactures its own suitable control devices in order to check the dimensional accuracy of parts, e.g. optically and metrologically. The functionality of the parts is also a possible measurment parameter.
Exact control gauges and measuring fixtures for checking your components ensure the highest quality.
Example: Measurement recording for photogrammetry measurements before, during and after thermal stress.