X-ray residual stress measurement

Residual stresses in a body are the result of many different, overlapping influences. They can be introduced in the component, for example by shaping manufacturing processes, heat treatment or mechanical processing. There, they can affect the strength then. The determination of the residual stress is an important part of process monitoring and quality control for many applications. The non-destructive measurement of the voltage states happens radiographically to various materials (Fe, Al, Cu, Ti, Ni) on the surface or as a depth profile. In the depth profile analysis, the material is removed without deformation by abrasion etching so that the residual stresses are not affected.

The measurements are carried out in the laboratory of the GWP or (for example, for larger components) mobile directly at your site. A X-Stress 3000 X-ray diffractometer is used hereby.

In addition with the same methodology ferrite and austenite or rather rest austenite determinations can be determined quantitatively. 

Standard: PV 1005