Sample preperation

Samples for the particle analysis are often of different characters. Depending on the type of sample, the particles may be obtained by various methods. Particles in liquids are centrifuged and decanted or collected with nuclear pore filters (standard: 0.8 µm pore diameter, lightly gilded) by a vacuum filtration unit. Mineral oil samples for example are previously brought into solution using benzine. Powder samples are optionally dried in the oven and can usually be used directly for the subsequent analysis. Residues on solids (for example deposits) are gained separately from the test specimen, scraped or rinsed powdery (for example filter systems, smaller components, hoses, etc.). Also an examination directly from the component is possible. For the most part all sample types can be prepared. Depending on the initial state of the sample and the method of analysis, a specific preparation method can be developed.

Standard: AV 273