Particle analysis

The characterization of particles is for a variety of industries of great interest. For technical equipment, products and processes, the knowledge of its origin and possibly harmful effects is an important information. The GWP identified important characteristics of particles or fibers such as chemical composition, size, proportion and habitus by scanning electron microscopy, including X-ray elemental analysis (SEM-EDX). This method suits particularly metallic and inorganic particles. Organic particles of appropriate size can be identified and allocated to according to our database via infrared spectroscopy (FTIR ).

Examination methods:
"Qualitatively": Depending on the enquiry individual particles can be studied accurately ( 20 to 30 ), identified and combined to representative particle types (for example " low-alloyed Cr - steel ", " brass ", " white metal ", etc.), as well as assigned to a source.

"Quantitatively": For an overview of the sample regarding the number, size distribution and allocation in approximate material classes (e.g. "steel", "copper", "tin") the particles are evaluated and tabulated by image fields. The particle number can then be extrapolated to the entire filter.  

Please pay attention to our technical information about ParticleCheck.

Standard: AV 273