Shear test

In the shear test, the load capacity of a material is tested for shearing.

Shear forces play a major role in fasteners such as rivet or screw connections, since these can be separated quickly.

Tension shear test

The tension shear test according to DIN EN 1465 is a test for the examination of the firmness of bonds. Therefore the two test objects, which should be joined, are glued together and then pulled apart on the free ends by a tension test machine. The force needed for the separation yields in coherence with the size of the bond area the maximum tension shear strength. Furthermore you receive a fracture image by this experiment, with which you can determine the kind of failure of the bond (cohesion fracture, adhesion fracture, …) according to DIN EN ISO 10365. 

Normen: DIN EN 1465, DIN EN ISO 10365, ASTM D3163, ASTM D1002, ASTM D5868