Charpy Impact Test

Charpy impact test (DIN EN ISO 179)

The Charpy impact test is used to assess the toughness behavior of plastics under sudden loading. It is standardized in DIN EN ISO 179.

It's performed on notched (determination of Charpy notched impact strength acN) and non-notched (determination of Charpy impact strength acU) specimens in three-point support.
Notch sensitivity can be calculated from impact strength and notched impact strength.

Standard: DIN EN ISO 179-1/2

Notched bar impact-bend test according to DIN EN 148-1

The notched bar impact-bend test is a material testing method for determining the consumed impact energy of metallic materials.

For many metallic materials, the notched bar impact toughness is temperature-dependent, which is why notched bar impact bending tests must be carried out at a specified temperature. If a test temperature deviating from the room temperature is used, the specimen must be tempered to the intended temperature under controlled conditions.

Our testing laboratory, accredited according to DIN EN ISO 17025, offers you a pendulum impact tester with a working capacity of 300J. The specimens can be tempered to -65°C.

Standards: DIN EN ISO 148-1: 2011-01; DIN EN ISO 9016