Full metal catalysts for reforming

In industry, nickel catalysts have been successfully used in reformers for decades; these plants for syn-gas, hydrogen and inert gas production usually run for a very long time at approx. 1,000 °C and have few start-up and shut-down cycles.

Plants for endogas (a mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide in nitrogen) use also Nickel catalysts for a special reforming like 2 CH4 + O2 + 4 N2 -> 2 H2 + 2 CO + 4 N2. This protection gas is produced on a 100 L scale and are operated dynamically, i.e. over the weekend the plants are to be shut down. This leads to large thermal-mechanical stresses, see picture of the "crumbled" catalytic converters. GWP has developed fillers made of nickel wire which contain high-temperature stable, ceramic-like "wires" which no longer collapse under temperature influence and thus prevent bypass or bulk height reduction. Ask our exerts for more details.