Building industry

Material Testing

» Materials science investigations in analytics, materialography and microscopy (LIM and scanning electron microscopy)

» Reported by a seasoned pro  

» Preparation for expert witnesses with resilient laboratory reports


» Detection of nickel sulfide inclusions

» Fracture pattern analysis ("butterflies")

» Verification of stress states in strengthened or non-strengthened glasses

» Expert opinion

» Preparatory work for expert witnesses

Damage Analysis

» Investigations of thermal insulation and/or solar control coatings

» Investigations of laminated glass and laminated safety glass with polymeric intermediate layers

Development Support

» Accompaniment for the (further) development and optimization of safety glazing (throw obstructing, burst obstructing, lead obstructing, explosive effect obstructing, hurricane-glazing)

» Accompaniment for the (further) development and optimization of multifunctional glazing (heat insulation, sun protection, noise insulation, safety and/or special functions) 

» Accompaniment for general building supervisory admissions or approvals in individual cases


» Membran constructed flat roofs

» Evaluation of condition and processing of films made of PIB, PVC

» film compatibilities

» Adhesive suitability PV mounting: friction coefficient determination, material compatibilities

» damage analysis

» Tile roofs

» Fracture analysis

» Delaboration of rechargeable battery packs and batteries

» Overload analyses

» Material analyses and element composition

» Metal roofs

» Titanium zinc, copper, aluminum

» Backside corrosion

» Rear ventilation requirement

» Coatings

» Bitumen sheets

» Craquelure

» Bitumen analysis outer & lower layer

» Tile insert

» Suitable as underlay membrane?



» Thermography

» Thermal insulation leakages in roof & facade

» Fibre insulation materials

» Bonding degree of mineral wool

» Compressive strength

» Degradation due to water ingress

» Step-resistant PU insulation

» Pressure test

» Cell gas analysis

» Cell anisotropy: standing vs. lying

» Underlays

» Diffusivity

» Water impermeability

» Influence of ageing and pollution

» Fibre cement boards

» Breaking strength

» Water impermeability

» Hail damage

Examples for testing standards

» DIN EN 12311 membranes for waterproofing - Determination of the tensile-elongation behaviour - Part 2: Plastic and elastomeric membranes for roof waterproofing

» DIN EN 1849-1 Determination of thickness and mass per unit area - Part 1: Bitumen sheeting for roof waterproofing

» DIN EN 12310-1 Waterproofing membranes - Part 1: Bitumen membranes for roof waterproofing; Determination of tear resistance

» DIN EN 1607 Thermal insulation products for building - Determination of tensile strength perpendicular to the panel plane

» DIN EN 1288-1 Glass in building - Determination of the flexural strength of glass - Part 1: Fundamentals of glass testing

» DIN EN 12600 Glass in building -Pendulum impact test - Procedure for impact testing and classification of flat glass