» Airbags, gas generators, igniter

» Airbag-emissions (gases, dusts and noises) checked according to AKZV-01ff, SAEJ1794 or OEM specific» functional analysis: Delaboration from module to heating bridge

» Development-attending examination for igniters, cold gas tanks and gas generators


» Examination of switch-malfunctions» Environmental agreeability verification of electronic devices» Materialography of plugs, crimpings and joints

» Determining causes for increased transfer resistances» Examination-technical defects of glass heaters

Construction materials

» Materialography: Texture evaluation of metals, ceramics and plastics» Material tests for determination of mechanical and physical properties

» Quality assurance: Good receipt- and final-inspections» Development: Consulting about material and technical questions» Casting materials: iron, aluminum, magnesium


» Surface analytics, coating and joining techniques

» Surface topography and morphology

» Coat thickness measuring

» Microanalysis: Chemical analyses

» Measuring micro hardness

» Corrosion and abrasion

Damage analysis

» Variations in quality, material faults, technical defects, production jams

» Failure analyses of production or the finished product» Area failure-examinations: igniters, rear window, switch, contacts, cam shaft

» OEM-consultant-function and auditing for manufacturing errors and production methods» Quality inspection: production attending examination